It is used for welding of round cylinders. By moving the roller groups according to different diameters of work-piece, the center distance can be adjusted to suitable for the work-piece with diameters. The adjustable welding rotator consists of powered rotator, idle rotator, driving reducer system and control system etc.

Stable Rotating process
Has two synchronously operating drive units which arrange for continuous rotation with frequency conversion step-less speed controlling.

Features of conventional rotator
For turning and positioning workpieces in the sections of mechanical engineering, container building, plant construction, and pipeline construction.

Rubber casting can be customized polyurethane wheel.
The structure parts of the rotator have the annealing treatment after welding,
which can ensure the long-term using performance and service line. The control box and panel are placed separately for convenient operation.

The rotator adopts the double driving system. The driving motor adopts AC motor, driving system has the functions of voltage protection and overload protection.