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Since 1972 Apak Group has proudly served the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metal working industries with the most innovative equipment on the market. Apak Group is dedicated to engineering expertise focused on machine productivity, efficiency and innovation.

Intelligent, professional and practical designs and engineering solutions for industrial reqirment.

Machine design mastery that you need.

For many applications, a standard machine does not exist or is insufficient to meet your needs. For example, your production facility may have a need for automated packaging for a non-standard package or package material. Our expert designers will work with you to develop a solution.

If you can dream it, we can design it. We offer numerous design solutions, including drills, bending, forming, cutting, fixing and rotating.


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Our vision;
We believe that everything, which can be connected, will be connected.

For us, business too is about people. We dare say that working with us is a true win-win after partnering with our customers for more than 46 years. You can win in welding results, documentation and learning time, material use, and manpower. Together, we always find new value to share just by knowing better.

High Quality

We grow the quality everyday

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We focus on customer's mind

Updated tecnology

We keep designs and products updated with world technology

After sale service

We provide prompt action for machine defects